Domination 101 – Learn to be a Dominatrix


Wikipedia:      A dominatrix (plural dominatrices or dominatrixes) or mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in bondage and discipline, dominance and submission or BDSM. A common form of address for a submissive to a dominatrix is “mistress”, “ma’am”, “domina” or “maîtresse”. Note that a dominatrix does not necessarily dominate a male partner; a dominatrix may well have female submissives.

Domination and being a Dominatrix should be fun….            It should also be used as a way to bring that spark back into a relationship that, as we all know, seems to dwindle a little as we spend more time with each other. It’s not to say that the love is gone! We just get comfortable with each other and tend to take each other for granted a bit.  Not all domination has to be about pain and humiliation. Nor do all sessions need to end with intercourse.  I like to play a little with my pet, leaving him wanting more. We will cover more of that on the Scene It page. 

Follow these 10 easy guides to being a good Dominatrix.

  1. Get confident. You have to love yourself. A dominatrix is a woman who is basically “bulletproof”. Nothing can throw her off her throne. She never lets anyone cross her. She is the boss.
  2.  Style yourself. It is very important for the image of dominatrix to pick the right clothes, make up and accessories.
  3. Dominatrix look can be achieved with a thick lining of eyeliner on upper lid, some dark toned eye shadow could also be added. Black layer of mascara. Flawless skin and dark lipstick. Dominatrix make up tends to sometimes be vulgar. But the look can be achieved with just the right balance depending on individual.
  4. Clothes have to be somewhat revealing. Flashy with some leather and lots of black! Dominatrix women are not afraid to look sexy or expose a bit of cleavage.
  5. Accessories should be a little flashy. But don’t do too much.
  6. Get the right attitude. Men are only there for your fun. You make them do what you want, and obeying you will give them pleasure. Give hints that you may be aggressive and that you “wear the pants” in the relationship.
  7. Be a challenge. Not in the traditional way, but rather rebellious. It will be your way or no way.
  8. Use some dirty talk. Don’t be an all up in your face person. You make the men come to you and beg you to give them a chance to do something for you or to you. If you are the one to approach a man, you can say something like, “I will have you and you will discover things you’ve never had before.” A Dominatrix doesn’t care what people think and says what she wants to say.
  9. Don’t abandon girl company. Be the girl that is sophisticated, unique and rebellious, sometimes maybe even a little arrogant. But never start problems with people…unless they really are asking for it.
  10. A dominatrix doesn’t care about the rest of the world. It’s her life and she is in full control of it. The world revolves around her and if it doesn’t then she will use her “tools” to get her way.


  • Be something like a trap. Don’t show your aggressive and controlling side straight away when you approach someone. Be flirtatious; “lead” the guy into subjects that you want to talk about, maybe sometimes “dangerous” subjects. He shouldn’t realize what he may be getting into right away.
  • Don’t just put yourself out there. People come to you…not the other way around. It doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself from society but keep yourself a bit of a mystery and don’t run after anything or anyone. It’s their loss not yours.


  • Dominatrix women tend to get in trouble a lot, as they can be rather aggressive. So don’t be too pushy with trying to obtain the image.
  • Try to find your individual balance and harmony between your Dominatrix and everyday life. 

* Remember: Domination play is meant to be both for pleasure and fantasy between two trusting and willing participants only. Safety should always be your number one concern and be observed at all times. You should trust your sub as much as he/she has put trust in you to perform these acts.