Appear in Charge!


Yes, looks are everything for the good Dominatrix!!

…After all what woman doesn’t like to dress up and feel sexy!?

You must dress the part that says “I am hot, I am sexy, you want me and most of all…I am in-charge”, in oder to make the scene and have your pet desire what he/she can’t have. However, the style is completely up to you. I prefer the leather corset, garders, thigh-high stockings and a sexy pair of shoes or boots (after all…what woman doesn’t deserve a sexy pair of shoes!!). Your outfit must match your personality and entice the desires of your pet. How much you want your pet to see is completely up to you.  You can use a full cover corset, a lace up corset or the topless corset. Remember, sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can be more sexy than showing all your assets. After all, you want your pet to desire you, so that he/she will want you and do anything to have you, right?

Colors can range. My personal favorite is black leather with a hint of red. Although, there is nothing that says baby-blue or even pink or white is out of the question. Black seems to be the most common for many Dommes. It can be made from materials such leather, polyurethane or PVC. Like my outfits, they can be garnished with colors to add to the overall look. Again, it depends on your personal tastes, your pets desires and your comfort.

Some other options that are available can be wigs, masks, gloves, etc.. Use whatever you like that makes you feel sexy, dirty and IN-CHARGE!

wigWigs – Wigs can change a persons looks and make them feel like a different person. Your pet may like the new redhead that is making him clean the kitchen shackled in the nude (more about that on a different post). It can also make you feel like the tramp that is locked up inside you and allow you to be you when you are not wearing it.

masksMasks – Like wigs, masks can hide your vanilla alter-ego and let that bitch alter-ego run wild with passion and stern control. The air of mystery will excite your pet and make him/her want to know “Who is that masked Bitch!”

glovesGloves – Gloves are a nice accessory and can be very useful as a quick blindfold or gag (if you pet requires punishment). Depending on the material, gloves can also used when masturbating your pet or yourself for a very different and almost stranger-like feel. (my pet prefers satin).

lipsMakeup – You are playing a role, every good actress/actor needs good makeup. Besides, how many women that your pet is looking at on the porn sites aren’t wearing makeup? You are making yourself as desirable as possible for your pet, so go the extra distance and make yourself as sexy as possible. Many Dommes prefer to wear a good bright red lipstick. It is great for marking your territory on your pet! Eyeliner is great for getting that fuck me look in your eyes, then denying your pet for a little while till he/she deserves your goods. So, spend a little time on your self, pamper yourself…it will make your pet want to pamper you all the more.

ImageBlogshopping1I saved the best for last….SHOES!!!!

What woman isn’t up for a new pair of sexy shoes…or boots for that matter!!!

Shoes or Boots…that is the question.

That question can only be answered by you, the Dominatrix, and your personal taste and desires. Many Dommes prefer boots, especially those that are into boot-worship. Don’t worry to much about comfort, you can always rest your feet on you pet. But, definitely get the high heeled (aka. hooker heels) that can be used to punish your pet…(evil laugh). They will also make your legs look long and sexy in the those thigh-high fishnets and really make your pet desire you beyond reality. I like my red, patent leather, knee high, buckle all the way up model. Yeah, they take a little while to put on, but getting my pet to take them off can drive him insane with anticipation.


So remember, dress to impress…dress for desire…and look like the hot, sexy little tramp you want to be.