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Welcome, my pet’s, to Real Stories with Mistress Tabitha.

I am dedicating this page to all those out there that would like to share their BDSM stories and experiences.

So, don’t be shy and let us know what you like to do.

TorD Fan shares fantasy story with Mistress Tabitha

TorD Fan shares fantasy story with Mistress Tabitha I'm going to go ahead and write up the fantasy that's been bouncing around in my head a bit.  I know you said you have only one pet and don't wish another, so I hope this doesn't cross a line.  However, the thought...

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scartletdungeon shared this sexy story on Tumblr…

scartletdungeon shared this sexy story on Tumblr... Link to Story here. Mistress takes me to a party. The hostess lets us know that bedrooms are available for sex if any guests so desire … and i, of course, am horny as fuck already. my Mistress, too, seemed to be in...

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A Fantasy

A Fantasy I apologize in advance for my amateurish writing, but better shared than un-shared. I had been kneeling for ten minutes looking at the bed in front of me. The room smelled faintly of her perfume and was filled with boxes the contents of which I could only...

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Sexy story of punishment

Sexy story of punishment She took a moment to think of what punishment would be suitable.  Kneeling on the floor, Slut’s mind was racing.  The task had seemed simple, albeit humiliating enough to effect his heart and his cock.  Sitting at the secretary’s desk, the...

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