Scene It – Domination Role Play


petScenes can be anything from a simple act to extravagant role play that can be done from start to finish. Some may be acts that you and your pet may not be comfortable performing.

Please be brave and submit scenes that you have enjoyed or maybe would like to try below.  I will share them on the site for the other readers to enjoys or get new ideas from.

When it comes to scenes, the sky is the limit, just remember to always perform them safely and for you and your pet’s pleasure.

Bite Me!

Bite Me! Vampires have always been an intriguing fantasy of mine. Known for being the provocative, sexual beings of the underworld. Through the ages, vampire’s have used their sexy eyes to "glamour" their victims, making them relinquish inhibitions and succumb to them...

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Watch Me!!!

Watch Me! Set the scene: Dress for seduction in your Domme outfit. Place candles around the room for seductive lighting. Place your favorite toys, lubricant and a glass of your favorite beverage (wine, water, etc.) beside the bed. Have your favorite punishment...

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