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Hello my pets!pet2

Welcome to my Dungeon.

I am Mistress Tabitha, bitch in charge here.

I am a recreational Dominatrix and have created this site for all you closet Dommes out there that are ready to have their man crawl on the floor and worship you like the deserving bitch you are. That are ready to take charge and be the boss and make all your fantasies (as well as your partners) come true with pleasure and pain (OK…maybe just a little).

I am not a professional Dominatrix, nor will I claim to know everything about the craft, but I have had erotic fun with my pet since discovering my inner bitch.

Within my dungeon, you will find suggestions and scenes that will get you started into the world of Domination. Many of these suggestions and scenes can be used for whomever you have as a partner.

I have opened up the blog to allow comments on each page from my readers. I will review each comment and I reserve the right to delete any comment that I deem inappropriate, hateful or I just don’t like. After all, this is my blog and I am in charge! You are all my pets here. 😉

Remember: Domination play is meant to be both for pleasure and fantasy between two trusting and willing participants only. Safety should always be your number one concern and be observed at all times. You should trust your sub as much as he/she has put trust in you to perform these acts.