Tie Me Up Please


Using ropes and restraints is one of the most arousing aspects of being a Dominatrix. For the Dominatrix, tying up your pet and seeing them restrained can give you that ultimate feeling of being in charge. For your pet, being tied up and restrained will give them a feeling of being completely controlled and exposed in ways they never thought possible. They will be at your very mercy, so trust becomes a major factor.


Ropes can be used to tie up parts of the body to each other or to objects such as bedposts, chairs or anything else your imagination can take you. It can be used to bring about pleasure by creating pressure points to certain erogenous zones.

Also, you have to perform extreme safety precautions when restraining someone.

  1. Always use a good quality rope or restraining system that is designed for just this occasion.
  2. Always look for signs of discomfort or injury. These will include swelling, discoloration and/or tingling sensations in the extremities. If any of these sign are present, you should always have a pair of EMT safety scissors handy for quick release.
  3. Never leave your pet tied up for too long. Staying in a restrained position for too long can cause injury.
  4. Practice your tying techniques and knot skills on inanimate objects until you feel comfortable.
  5. NEVER pull the rope across the skin to prevent rope burn….OUCH!!!

Our friends over at TwistedMonk.com have created some of the best videos regarding the use of ropes. Monk is one of the masters of rope restraint on the web and I will be using his videos in this blog , as well as, creating links to his pages for you. (I hope he doesn’t mind the free plug).

There are many different materials that Domination rope is made of, nylon, silk and hemp being among the preferred. Monk uses the finest materials made (hemp) to create his ropes. Click the image below to visit Monk’s Instructional video site.