Tool of the Trade


st_andrewsNot everyone will have a space or the privacy for their own Dungeon, nor is it a necessity for such extravagance. Besides, it can be quite difficult to explain that big St. Andrews Cross in the corner of your bedroom. However, your room can quickly become your very own private dungeon with just a few well placed and easily hidden decor items.

* Remember: Domination play is meant to be both for pleasure and fantasy between two trusting and willing participants only. Safety should always be your number one concern and be observed at all times. You should trust your sub as much as he/she has put trust in you to perform these acts.

blindedCandles have always been a favorite of mine. Their usefulness can go so much farther than just decoration (if you know what I mean). I like to use many different sizes and shapes and place them all around the room. The lighting they give off can create a very seductive glow and can be quite flattering as they flicker against your leather bustier and the shiny metal handcuffs you just used to restrain your obedient slave. I use tall candlesticks in extravagant holders and thick assorted pillar candles on small plates, as well as, votive candles in small holders. Just remember to blow them all out when you are done and your slave is balled up in the corner, completely spent from your evening of unleashing your extreme ecstasy. After all, you don’t want your house to go up in flames and have explain that one to those sexy firemen while in your domme outfit (then again….sexy firemen…fiery heat….hmmmmm). I think the insurance company would be worse.

whipAnd now on to the whips and chains
(Well, whips and restraints anyway).

There are many different types of whips that one can choose from in many colors, materials and lengths. From the long classic “Indiana Jones” leather braided bull whip to the short soft silk rope whip. It really just depends on the agreement you have with your slave as to what you are into and how much pain you are willing to subject and he or she is willing to endure.

Slave “d” and I have agreed upon two different types. We have the soft silk rope whip for many of our sessions. We have found this can be used on many parts of the body without leaving those pesky (and painful) whelps on slave “d”‘s backside. The other we prefer is the latex 10″ whip. This little giant of play whips proves that size isn’t everything. This 10in rubber whip provides a variety of amazing sensations, and it looks super-hot, too!

Another true necessity for fantasy play is restraint devices.
Again, there are many assortments of restraints that can be used for any variety of restraints, positions and enjoyment. Almost too many to cover in one blog. So, I will just go over some of my favorites.

Ropes and Tapes
Ropes come in assorted sizes and colors. I like to coordinate the color of  my rope to my outfit. After all, I want to look good for me and my pet. Size depends on what you will be restraining. For detailed instruction and usage, refer to the Tie Me Up page on the blog. I will be using video’s from Twisted Monk. Monk is a master of rope and his explanations and videos are some of the best I have seen on the web. I just hope he forgives me for giving him a cheap plug for his site here. 🙂

Bondage tapes can also be used and come is a variety of colors as well. Though ropes are more reusable than tape, tape can be a fun alternative. One very useful purpose for bondage tape, would be taping your pet’s hands and legs to a chair. Just be sure to use actual “bondage tape“. I am sure you pet will not appreciate when you tear Duct Tape from his or her body and any little hair they do have, will certainly be pulled out when you remove it from their body.

Arm Binders and Fist Mitts
These fun little items can make for quite the enjoyable evening. Arm binders are used to restrain your pet arms and hands (usually behind their back) to prevent them from touching the mistress while you tease them or make them watch while you masturbate for your own pleasure (and secretly theirs). They are also useful in restraining you pet during paddling or tickling sessions. Arm Binders also come in a few different flavors depending on your budget and desired enjoyment.

tools1Bondage Opera Glove
These lace-up bondage sleeves each have three large D-rings on 1.5″ heavy leather buckling straps for attaching any part of the arm to the body, down to the sides, behind the back, to bondage furniture or anything else you can think of. Our gloves are special because they have an inner flap that fills any gaps between the laces, without bunching. Buckles and lacing allow gloves to expand in diameter, fitting a wide range of arm sizes with inescapable security. They are 26″ long from fingertip to the top of the sleeve. These cost a little more, but are really useful in allowing to connect to different items such as bondage equipment, furniture, etc. as well as moving the arms in different directions for added variety.

binding2Black Laced Arm Binders
These less expensive, but just as useful style, will keep your pets arm and hands behind them, but in most cases the cost is a bit less. However, this type will only allow you to restrain the arms together, either in front or behind you pet.