A Fantasy

I apologize in advance for my amateurish writing, but better shared than un-shared.

I had been kneeling for ten minutes looking at the bed in front of me. The room smelled faintly of her perfume and was filled with boxes the contents of which I could only guess at.
She had invited me over for dinner but included a solitary “winking smiley” at the end of her message, which usually indicated something other than food was on her mind.

As per her instructions, I was prepared. I had not eaten all day, masturbated in the week leading up and had slowly that morning worked her favourite butt plug into my ass, knot by agonising knot until it sat completely in. I was confident I had fulfilled her criteria but still my mind raced over anything I had forgotten, checking her message was out of the question as her “no phones or any other distractions” directive was strictly enforced.

I thought back to the message and tried my best to read it aloud in my head.

“If Slut wants to have any hope of relief this month he will arrive shaved clean, hungry, horny and with a full ass.”

Shaved, hungry, horny and filled. Was that all? My heart began to race. Internally, I was a panic. Nervousness overtook and I began to bite my lower lip in an attempt to concentrate but then all thought was interrupted by the click of heels on the stairs. The noise reverberated in my mind, deafeningly. My heart surged as the doorknob turned.

“Eyes down!” came her voice from the other side of the door. Her words drew such force with me that I looked at the carpet without even processing her command. I heard the door swing open and felt her presence in the room. She walked in front of me and stood between me and the bed. I saw two black leather pumps with gargantuan heels from which two off white nylon stockings rose upward. They were fresh stockings, spotless and brilliantly white, her legs entranced me and in combination with the faint smell of fresh leather I sat transfixed by the few inches of her body I could see. Her hand ran through my hair breaking my concentration, she toyed with it playfully, instinctively I sharply breathed in. She leaned over and whispered to me that I should save that for once we get going. A kiss was then planted on my left cheek, her smell was incredible and I was certain that there was now a kiss mark on my cheek. Had this been my first time I may have considered this sweet, but I knew now that she was marking me. The rep lips on my face meant that I was her slut and hers alone.

I heard the bed sag as she sat back on it and watched one of the white clad legs disappear as she crossed her legs. “Eye contact!” she barked at me. Again, my neck snapped back without me thinking. The control her voice had over me when I was aroused was incredible.

The thigh length stockings met with a black garter belt, which in turn met with a black corset that displayed her breasts in a way that made my chest tighten. She was made up perfectly with dark red lipstick accentuating her lips and her powerful gaze made me want to whimper. I held my tongue. The thought that that lipstick was now on the side of my face invaded my mind, I blushed the same colour and looked back at the floor.”Eye contact!’ she repeated, a tinge of frustration in her voice, “If it’s too much for you to look at me, you can leave”. I shook my head and met her gaze again. Stupid.

She uncrossed and recrossed her legs, an brief glimpse of her panties seared into my mind. They were black, no time to make out any other detail.

“Shirt!” she ordered. My hands were already at the hems before I even thought about anything. I removed my shirt and folded it in front of me. It was slightly cold in the room so my nipples were erect, she giggled at this.”Excited?” she asked, I knew better than to answer. “Jeans!” she said in the manner of someone speaking to a young child, I hesitated, “Jeans!” she repeated harshly. I rose from my kneeling position and undid my belt and pants, a devilish smile appeared on my goddess’ face, I let the pants drop to the floor so they sat at my ankles. I was wearing a pair of purple silky girls panties, her cock protruded obscenely from the left side and my balls were barely covered by the silk. “Naaaaaaaaw” she cooed, I burned bright red. “Look at you, I know I asked you to wear these but you seriously went through with it? You are such a slut.”, with each syllable of her insult her cock bobbed and twitched. “I mean, look at you.” she laughed “You wore girls panties for a week just so you could have one lousy orgasm? Pathetic”. She stood up and placed her hand on my balls, the sensation of feeling her through the silk was incredible. “Firm” she commented, then with a smirk she squeezed my balls in her palm, the pain shot through me and I doubled over so that my forehead landed on her shoulder. She whispered into my ear, “You’re a whore, you will do anything to be allowed to cum. Tell me what you did this week on my request?”, In my frazzled state I just blurted it out, the panties, the chastity, the butt plug. “Repeat after me: I am a pathetic, dirty whore who will do anything to be allowed to cum. Up to and including, filling my ass with what ever I am told to and wearing pretty girl panties”. I repeated verbatim, she let go, the pain subsided, the system works.

“See, now I on the other hand can have an orgasm whenever I like, in fact…” she shot me a look, in this instant there was no one else alive, just me and her. “I’m going to have one now, eyes on my fingernails slut”. She had me get on my hands and knees facing her, then her left hand slid over her corset, playing and tugging at her breasts, her right one slid two fingers down between her legs and out of my sight. I focused on the left hand, her dark red fingernails stood out against the black of her corset and she began to grope herself with further intensity. Eventually she reached down the front of her corset and pinched at her heaving breasts. Her face began to contort and tense, her whole body bucked and she began to squeek and squeel before her whole body stopped moving and her lips parted back to reveal her entire set of teeth. She inhaled sharply and then exhaled in a forceful shudder. Her head fell forwards and her hair covered her face, blocking it from my view.

Without a word she composed herself and stood up. Extending her right hand to my face so that her index and middle finger rested millimetres away from my nostrils. I made motion to lick her fingers as I had done before but she pulled them away sharply so that her hand now ran parralell to her face. Looking at me, she shook her head and then one by one she licked her fingers clean. My heart sank, no treat for today. “Hungry?” she enquired in a tone that made me think deeply about my answer, I settled on the affirmative and she walked around behind me. My ass broke out in goosebumps at the pure idea that she was looking at it.

Her hands groped and pulled at my ass, her fingernails digging into it, I closed my eyes this was heaven. “Spread!” she ordered. Again I hesitated. “Put your face on the floor and spread your ass” she repeated in a patronising tone. I moved my right hand to the corresponding cheek and slowly moved my face to the floor. Then I moved my left hand to the left cheek and spread. The butt plug slid out a few centimetres. Mistress squatted behind me and I felt her breath on my back. “Whore” she said coldly “legs further apart”. I strained and managed to get my knees a bit further apart, my thighs began to burn, she spoke again “Did you put this plug in for me?”. I attempted a nod. “Yes?” she mocked, another of my pathetic nods answered, a surge of pain hit me. She had slapped my ass hard. “No! Do not lie to me slut. You put this plug in for you. You like the way it fills you. I’ll bet you moaned when you put it in. Did you moan like a woman slut?” I whimpered and nodded in an attempt to avoid another strike on my already stinging ass. “Moan for me” she spat and began working the butt plug back into my ass. Involuntarily, I began moaning like a grade one whore. She giggled. I burned red.

To be continued…

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