Bite Me!

vampire1Vampires have always been an intriguing fantasy of mine. Known for being the provocative, sexual beings of the underworld. Through the ages, vampire’s have used their sexy eyes to “glamour” their victims, making them relinquish inhibitions and succumb to them as their master. Taking them into their arms and exposing their neck flesh in order to penetrate them with sharp fangs and draining them of their life. This act of penetration was a stand-in for sexual intercourse in many vampire films and novels through the ages. The vampire persona is notorious for the sadomasochism forms of BDSM, namely bondage/discipline, fetishism and dominance/submission. The control the vampire has over their prey is the thing that most caught my interest.

This scene is one of my favorites due to my fascination with the vampire world.

Set the scene:

  1. Dress for seduction in your favorite black leather and lace. I prefer black lacey panties and a black leather bustier and thigh high leather boots.
  2. Fangs. There are many options here based on your preference and price range you are willing to spend. Most of your costume shops around town have the kind you can just stick to your teeth, or you can check online for better ones for a small price.
  3. Place candles around the room for seductive lighting.
  4. Place your favorite toys, lubricant and a bottle of your favorite red wine beside the bed.
  5. Slave Collar and Leash. You must keep your familiar well restrained. 6.   Play your favorite seductive music on a low level. 7.   A cover for your bed or chair to keep your furniture from being stained in case of red wine spills.

vampire2Prepare yourself and your lair (bedroom) before your slave comes home. Light your candles and play the music. Have your bottle of blood (wine) and a glass sitting by the bed. When your slave comes home, lure them into the bedroom with a text message. When they arrives, glamour them with your most seductive look. Rise from whatever position you are in and walk around them, inspecting the mortal meat you are about to feast on. Caress their arm, touch their chest, slap and grab their ass and make sure the meat is fresh. Smell their neck and tell them, “mmmmmm….fresh and sweet”. But, whatever you do…DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TOUCH YOU! You are in charge here and they can only do as you instruct, when you instruct them. After all, you have them in a trance and they are under your control. Have them undress and tell them you want to see how fresh the meat is.

While you are inspecting your slave ask them questions. This will get them into the role that they are to portray during your scene and reassert the safe words, so that you both understand them fully. Some questions you can ask can be, “What is my name?”… “What is your name?”… “What are your safe words?”… “Do you like what you see?”…etc. The names they give you should be your role names, not your real names. If they get it wrong, hiss and show your fangs, slap his ass and tell them they are incorrect, then ask them again. Let them know that each time they are incorrect during this session it will result in a punishment of your choosing. Continue to ask them these and other questions until you are satisfied with their answers (or their level of arousal).

Once they are undressed, place the collar around their neck (do not over tighten it) and latch the leash. Now that they completely under your control, you can lead them by the leash anywhere you like. Return to the bed or your favorite chair and have your slave get on all fours at your side. They are now your hell pet completely in under your control. Pat their head, rub their back and pat their ass, like the good pet that they are. Tell them what a good pet they are (as long as he behaves like a good pet). At this time you can sit back, relax a bit and make them suffer and wonder what is in store for them. Occasionally, giving them a little whip on the ass with the handle side of their leash.

vampire3From here, you can let your imagination go wild. I prefer to pour a glass of my red wine and use my pet as my table. Occasionally spilling a little wine on him (thus the cover) representing the blood I want to suck from his body. I slowly begin to loosen my bustier revealing to him what he desires, but cannot have. I drip a little wine between my breasts and instruct him to lick it up, never letting him go any further. Instruct him to return to all fours and walk around him, petting him, touching him and getting him as aroused as you can. Straddle his back and caress his head and neck like you checking the tenderness of the flesh you are going to penetrate. Holding his hair and pulling his head up, lean down and lick his neck. Take small nibbles like a vampire getting ready to take that bite. Make comments like, “mmmmmm….I can smell your blood running through your veins… smells so sweet and inviting”. Slapping his ass.

Return to your feet, walking around him, I face him on all four and allow him to see my tits hanging down from my bustier. I tease him with my tongue and teeth, taking small bites and nibbles on his neck. Allowing him to smell my sexuality rising. Now it’s time for him to please his vampire mistress. I turn around and lay on my back spreading my legs in front of him. Dripping a little wine on my waiting pussy and allow him to lick it up by pulling his head into it with his leash. Once I am pleased, I raise his head and make him watch as I masturbate, not allowing him to touch me or himself.

From here you can go wherever your desire takes you. You can turn him over and mount him, or end it leaving him completely unfulfilled.