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Mistress takes me to a party. The hostess lets us know that bedrooms are available for sex if any guests so desire … and i, of course, am horny as fuck already. my Mistress, too, seemed to be in the mood to play: but we quickly encountered a problem.
i had displeased Her, and after that She decided we would not be fucking that night, but that She would tease me and bring me to my limit instead.

She started teasing me gently, nothing more than She would do to tease me on any other day. Her hands would brush against the crotch of my jeans for just a moment, sometimes taking a squeeze at me, but never allowing me to truly feel pleasure. It began to drive me wild. Soon i found myself a whimpering mess; drunk, horny and desperate for a chance to touch my Mistress – but She had ordered i could not, not tonight, yet, my stubborn side was reluctant to accept that answer and i kept begging her, ”please Mistress please, let’s go into the bedroom and fuck, the hostess said it was okay and i know You want to!” but She is not so weak as i am, and whether She wanted to or not, i had displeased Her earlier and She continued to refuse, but to torment me.
i was hard, and embarassed by the fact that nothing would be done about it. Other partygoers had fucked already, and i was being denied the opportunity. my Mistress kept me close at hand, as if She had me on a leash. every now and then She would give my hard-on a stroke or a squeeze, and whisper something in my ear about how i should know better than to make mistakes like the one i did, how i had been a bad slave who did not deserve the privelege of making Her cum even when i begged just for Her to let me make Her cum.
The harder She made me, the more i became obsessed with the thought of pleasuring Her. Though i very much craved the satisfaction of burying my cock inside Her, my focus was on a desperate desire to watch and hear Her orgasm. In my mind’s eye i saw Her perched on the corner of a bed in a dark room, Her legs spread, Her hands clutching the bedsheets and Her head thrown back in ecstasy. i wanted to be doing anything to make that image a reality, whether it meant fucking Her with my cock or simply using my hands or my mouth to get Her off. i told Her this. ”Mistress i’ll do anything You like, anything to get You off, that’s all i want, please, please let’s go into a bedroom so that i can serve You…” i would plead into Her ear, but She was firm as ever. my begging was futile here.
At one point during the night, i stepped away from the rest of the party to use the bathroom. This is when my Mistress played Her cruellest trick. When i opened the door to leave the bathroom and rejoin the party, She was standing on the other side of the door. Before i realized what was going on She had pushed me back into the room and shut the door behind us; then She pushed me against the wall and kissed me deeply, passionately, while stroking and squeezing my painful hard-on through my jeans once more. i remember moaning out loud like i had been afraid to do in front of the other party guests. i remember thinking to myself that this was it, we were finally going to fuck, i was finally going to pleasure Her… i asked once more if She would like to go to the bedroom. In response, She stopped touching me pleasurably, grabbed me by the collar, and threw me out of the bathroom. We did not kiss or touch again that night, let alone fuck.
i learned a valuable lesson that night. i learned not to make any assumptions regarding what my Mistress does or does not want from me, even when it comes to Her pleasure — we could have  fucked that night, i could have made Her cum, but because of my own insolence i was denied the privelege and instead spent my time at the party being frustrated and desperate, sporting an incurable hard-on. As of the time of this writing, i am still awaiting our next scene when i will surely receive punishment for my idiocy on the night of the party…
i’d be lying if i said i did not crave that punishment.