Sexy story of punishment

She took a moment to think of what punishment would be suitable.  Kneeling on the floor, Slut’s mind was racing.  The task had seemed simple, albeit humiliating enough to effect his heart and his cock.  Sitting at the secretary’s desk, the plug in his ass, he set to work on the ancient typewriter,
his fingers awkward on the unfamiliar equipment.  The room filled with the sound of slow clunking as he tried to concentrate on his task, and when the scroll clicked back into its original place, he read the first line.

“I am a dirty slut.  I am a dirty slut.  I am a dirty slut.  I am a dirty slut.  I am a dirty slut.”
She leaned over him to read it, and his cock twitched as he felt her weight sandwiching him between her and the desk.  Her hands ran over his exposed back, down to the black stockings he had pulled up to his thighs.  ”Very good” she had cooed in his ear, and he had felt a surge of joy at having pleased his Mistress.  The task would be accomplished soon, he reasoned.
He had forgotten just who he was dealing with.  She stood up and walked to the other side of the desk, then leaned over.  He could not help but stare in lust at the breasts barely contained by her emerald green corset, now spilling out in a spectacular view.  She let him admire her for a time until her commanding voice broke the spell, and he quickly set to typing the next line she had requested.

“I am a filthy slut.  I am a filthy slut.  I am a filthy slut.  I am a filthy slut.  I am a filthy slut.”

He looked up for more instructions and then realised the enormity of his task.  She had removed her underwear and freed her breasts.  Sitting directly opposite him, his Mistress had extended her legs rested them on the table the typewriter sat on, her long heels alone enough to drive his mind to distraction.  From her feet his eyes followed the shape of her legs underneath the stockings, taking in the view of her spread out, a hand gracefully snaking down to tentatively tease her clit as she barked out the next line.

“I am a horny slut.”  He looked up and let out an involuntary moan as she inserted her first finger, her other hand holding her ample breast to her mouth so her tongue could dart out and lick it.  She let it fall when she could not hear the typewriter at work and reprimanded him as she inserted another finger.

“If you don’t hurry up my Slut, there will be no lunch break for this naughty secretary.  And since lunch is my pussy, I would get writing if I were you.”
He tapped furiously, and his frustration overwhelmed him as he had to fix a stuck key.  Mistress was pleasuring herself furiously now, squirming in her chair as her fingers darted in and out at a blur.  Slut could feel her cock start to leak and he typed as fast as he could, overcome with desperation.  As soon as she heard the sound of the typewriter stop she barked “I am a pathetic slut!”

This time he could not even look at the keys.  His lust was all-consuming as he watched his Mistress squirm in the chair fucking herself with her fingers, biting her lip and meeting his gaze with a mocking glint in her eye.  He finished the line and looked imploringly at her.

“I am a desperate slut”
He barely managed to withhold a whinging moan.  His body was quivering with anticipation and his mind was overtaken with the need to touch and taste his Mistress.  He was desperate, she was right about that.  That she could control him this way, make him do these things, was testament to that.

“Lunchtime, slut.”

He pushed back the chair immediately and crawled underneath the desk, burying himself in between her thighs.  She held a handful of his hair and pushed him hard against her, her hips bucking and grinding against his face, her orgasm overtaking her before Slut even needed to come up for air.  He licked her juices from her thighs while she came down and slowly worked his way back to her clit, before bringing her to orgasm again.  This time she pulled him back by his hair afterwards and instructed him to kneel on the other side of the room.  He watched her stand and adjust her corset, then put her underwear back on.

Then she walked behind the desk and leaned over to read the piece of paper.  She shook her head and sighed.  Two errors. She would have to punish him.

– Posted by Mistress.