TorD Fan shares fantasy story with Mistress Tabitha

I’m going to go ahead and write up the fantasy that’s been bouncing around in my head a bit.  I know you said you have only one pet and don’t wish another, so I hope this doesn’t cross a line.  However, the thought of you showing my wife the ropes, so to speak, sounds very interesting.  So, with that in mind…

I imagine that my wife contacts you through the site and asks for some advice about how to get started.  She’s read the tips you have on the site, but is looking for something a bit more hands-on and personal.  After a little chatting and back and forth, you agree to help her get her feet wet by doing a joint session to get things started.  You both discuss what you’d like to happen, and agree on a general plan forward, then set a date.  She tells me what’s coming, so I can anticipate it, and prepare myself.
When the day comes around, we drive over to your place, with me nervous the whole way.  I wanted this … I want this.  But I’m scared.  She’s told me the basic ground rules for what will happen, but has not told me any of the specifics.  As such, I have no idea what’s going to happen when I walk into your house.  Whatever vague thoughts I had about what would happen, though, the reality is much different.  In fact, it’s very normal.
When we arrive, you welcome us in just as you’d expect one couple to greet another.  Both you and d seem very pleasant, though you and my wife certainly dominate the conversation.  We end up in the living room, chatting a bit and getting comfortable, then things turn more to the reason we’re all there.  You go over the basic rules, rehashing what J has told me but more abbreviated: there will be time to quiz me fully later, you just want to make sure the important safety issues are addressed before we begin.
With that out of the way, you and my wife excuse yourselves and head up to your play room, leaving d and me alone.  I’m too nervous to be good conversation and he seems content to wait, so we’re largely silent.  Meanwhile, you are giving my wife a tour of your room and you are both dressing up in your Domme outfits.  You go with your favorite and she dons something very similar.  You let her have a smoke to calm her down a bit as you go over what’s going to happen once more.  Then, with both of you ready, you send a text to d.
Downstairs, his phone buzzes and he checks it, then smiles and excuses himself, heading upstairs before stripping nude and preparing himself to enter the room.  I’m left alone to squirm and build up even more tension, while he requests and is granted permission to enter your domain.  When he enters, his eyes go first to you, but you see him stealing some glances at Mistress J as well, and decide to use this as an opportunity to give an example of how to exert control.  You scold him and give him a gentle reprimand and reminder to focus on you.  Mistress J is there to observe and is not his concern, his concern should be entirely on pleasing you.  He apologizes and says he understands and will obey.
With that, you go through the process of inspecting him, holding a crop as you do so and using it to tease and stimulate him.  Despite his promises, you notice that he keeps trying to steal glances at J while you’re behind him, so you take the opportunity to punish him a bit more severely, making him bend over the foot of the bed and take several smacks with the crop to his ass, showing J the proper force and technique.  He’s able to finish the question and answer with relatively little correction after that, though you do have him answer a couple questions wrong on purpose so that you can show the proper response to getting a name wrong or the like.
With that, you move on to the next part.  You decide to keep it to a simple and favorite of yours, leaving him standing at the foot of the bed and begin to ask him if he likes what he sees while you’re stroking and teasing your body.  You get a huge thrill from this, seeing his focus and his reactions as you get him more and more aroused, then finally strip off your panties to give him a good view of what he longs so badly for.
You move smoothly through this, with your pet largely behaving and staying very, very focused on you.  Knowing it’s just a warm up, you hold yourself to only a couple toys and a few orgasms, while making sure J gets an understanding of the tone and purpose of the scene.
To wrap up, you have d don a collar and leash, and you give some examples of how to control a pet with those.  J has a few questions and asks for some specific demonstrations.  Once done, you have him stand to the side, serving you and making sure your drink is filled, letting him watch this next part as a reward.
J picks up her phone and sends me a text, instructing me to strip and join you before moving to the bed to await me.  You hear me come upstairs, then there’s a bit of a pause as I strip and then work up my courage to walk nude into a room with two people I don’t know that well and a situation that makes me very nervous.  After a few moments, I force myself to knock, then nervously announce who is there when prompted.  I enter the room and step tentatively in, body language showing my discomfort and embarrassment.  I glance over at the corner where you and d watch, taking in the sight of you both, then focusing my attention back on J, trying to tune out just how extreme this situation is for me.
She lets me stand there, nude and on display for several long moments, then begins asking questions.  She’s a bit tentative at first, but quickly gets into a better rhythm, sweeping me up in the routine.  I know the answers and the simple act of being given a task that I can easily complete begins to set me at ease.  My body language remains closed, but my voice and responses become much more confident and comfortable.  Also, the sight of her in that outfit stirs some definite longings, and I see her notice my reaction and smile.
She stands and walks over, picking up her crop and coming to circle me, stroking and groping and fondling me, giving me gentle smacks and guiding me into a more open position, putting me on better display and setting me a bit more at ease with the situation.  Then the questions begin again, but this time as she’s still touching and encouraging me.  Eventually, I’m thoroughly hard from the little touches and the nearness of her, my body practically thrumming with it.  She smiles and shifts back to the bed, beginning to touch herself.  The situation unleashes her mischievous side and she is merciless in her teasing of me, making me whimper and moan, then finally beg.  However, even then she just smiles and continues teasing herself, clearly enjoying getting to indulge herself while I have to just watch and take it.
When she does decide she wants new toys, the torment is made worse by getting to handle the dildo she’s about to slide into her wet pussy, where my cock aches to go.  Not only do I have to handle it, I have to stroke it, lubing it up.  My cock twitches with each stroke, the familiar motion causing phantom twinges of the pleasure stroking myself would usually bring.  However, instead of my cock it’s the toy getting the attention, and then getting the pleasure I would dearly love to feel as she spreads her thighs and slides it deep into her pussy, her arousal clearly evident by how easily it slides in and the lovely moan she gives as it does.
Since this is her first time, she actually holds herself to only one orgasm, stopping after that and setting the toy aside.  Then she has me collared and leashed and begins to control me with that and the crop.  For the most part this goes smoothly–she uses me as a footstool, makes me let her ride me and generally uses me for her amusement–until the point when she starts to have me lick her boots.  I look up at her and begin to ask her if she is sure she wants me to do that, but I refer to her as J rather than Mistress J.  Her reaction is instant and startling.  Almost before I realize my mistake, my ass is smarting from a couple quick smacks with the crop, correcting me.  She makes it very clear I’ve made a mistake, and forgives me only when I beg to be allowed the privilege of licking her boots, then crawl over and lick them both for several minutes, on my hands and knees with my head down and my ass up as she idly taps on my exposed ass with the crop for encouragement.
In the end, she decides she wants another orgasm and has me get her toy and prep it for her again, then get some cuffs and cuff my hands behind my back.  She has me kneel by the side of the bed as she sits on the edge of it and, resting her legs on my shoulders, begins to tease herself with the toy right in front of me.  After a bit, she shifts so she’s resting her feet on my shoulders, pushing me back slightly.  She offsets that pressure with a gentle pulling on the leash, making the collar pull me towards her pussy as she pushes me away.  It’s a very odd and very intense feeling.  She even makes me lick her boots again in this position, before finally crying out and cumming hard.
Tell me, Mistress Tabitha, have you enjoyed that fantasy so far?  And where would you go from there, if you were really giving this little domination primer class?  You now have two pets who’re incredibly hard and keyed up, and two Mistresses that have enjoyed themselves.  Scene over?  Or is there a way you would let d have relief once it was done?