Watch Me!

Set the scene:

  1. Dress for seduction in your Domme outfit.
  2. Place candles around the room for seductive lighting.
  3. Place your favorite toys, lubricant and a glass of your favorite beverage (wine, water, etc.) beside the bed.
  4. Have your favorite punishment accessory handy (Riding Crop, Whip, Flogger).
  5. Play your favorite seductive music on a low level.

chair_toutureFor your first time, I have found this scene to be one of the best. It allows you to get into the role without being overly pushy or making you feel uncomfortable or silly. Start by sending your pet a text message, or just leave him/her a note in an obvious place. On the note write,

“My pet,

Remove all of your clothes. Come to the bedroom. Do not open the door, KNOCK, and ask for permission to enter.

, Mistress ________”

Before you write the note, set the scene as described above. Prepare yourself by donning your Domme outfit. Be sure to dress for seduction. Make him desire you to the point that he will do “anything” to have you, but don’t let him have you until you are ready and are satisfied with his obedience. Once you are dressed and the lighting is right, put on your favorite seduction music and take a sexy position on the bed, so that when he enters the room, he sees what he wants, but cannot have….yet.

Once you hear the knock on the door, ask “Who wishes to enter Mistress ________’s domain?”. The answer should be your pet’s name. If it is not, do not allow them in until you are satisfied with the answer. Once they gain entry, instruct them to come to the center of the room and allow them to take you in. Let them see what he desire, but not speak. After you are satisfied that they are becoming aroused by your beauty, rise off the bed and walk around them, inspecting their naked body. Touch it in certain areas, like you are inspecting a prime piece of meat. Caress their arm, touch the chest, slap the ass, grab their ass and make sure it is what you like. If you are using a riding crop, whip or flogger have it handy and use it to rub against their skin instead of your hands, you would be surprised how foreign objects can arouse the senses even more. Let them know what you are doing, by using little phrases like, “Hmmmm, not bad….Firm…Well rounded….This is nice…”,etc. But, whatever you do…DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TOUCH YOU! You are in charge here and they can only do as you instruct, when you instruct them. If they do reach out and try to touch you, slap their hand away and let them know, in a stern sexy voice, that they are not to ever do that without your approval and instruction.

While you are inspecting your pet ask them questions. This will get them into the role that they are to portray during your scene and reassert the safe words, so that you both understand them fully. Some questions you can ask can be, “What is my name?”… “What is your name?”… “What are your safe words?”… “Do you like what you see?”…etc. The names they give you should be your role names, not your real names. If they get it wrong, give them a slight slap on the bottom and tell them they are incorrect, then ask them again. Let them know that each time they are incorrect during this session it will result in a punishment of your choosing. Continue to ask them these and other questions until you are satisfied with their answers (or their level of arousal).

From here, there are many directions this scene can take. Feel free to take it in any direction you wish.

Direction #1: Watch me!

This one has always been one of my personal favorites and drives my pet absolutely insane.

After I finish my inspection, I return to the bed, leaving my pet standing in the center of the room. Next to my bed are a variety of my favorite toys, lubricants and an empty glass. I instruct my pet to stand obediently at the foot of the bed. As he stands there looking on with desire, I begin to ask him questions again. “Do you like what you see?”…”What do you like the most?”…”Do you want me?’’, etc.. During my questioning, I begin to caress my body over my outfit, looking at my pet the entire time, watching his eyes and how I am affecting him with each touch. I instruct him that he is not to touch himself unless I tell him to and under no circumstance is he to cum without my permission.

Once I can see that his arousal has peaked at this point, I ask him if he would like to watch me masturbate (what man does not like to watch a woman bring herself to personal satisfaction…and let’s face it…what woman doesn’t like a good release on her own). If you have never masturbated in front of your partner, I encourage you to give it a try.

I begin, by rubbing my pussy through my sexy lace panties, caressing my tits over my leather bustier. As my pussy gets wetter and wetter, I let my pet know by saying things like, “My panties are getting so wet.” I remove my panties to give him a good view of what he can’t have and continue my personal stimulation, always letting him know how good it feels. By this time, your pet may try to start pleasuring himself. If he does, make sure that you stop and instruct him that he is not allowed to do that. And each time he does, he will be punished. If he continues, rise from the bed, instruct him to bend over the bed and give him a good slap on the ass with your hand or crop. You can also, have him turn around and not allow him to watch for small amounts of time. I assure you after a couple of times of not being allowed to watch, he will become putty in your stern hands. By this time, even you will be getting into the mood and ready to move forward with your toys. You are the bitch in charge, so use your pet as your personal servant. Instruct him as to which toy you want and have him prepare it with lubricant and hand it to you (he is not to use it on you, but rather only hand it to you). Once you receive it, instruct him to return to his position at the foot of the bed. At his point you can tease him while using your toy in different positions (use your favorite, but keep an eye on your pet….he will try to pleasure himself whenever he thinks you aren’t looking).

When you have climaxed…your desired amount of times, return to a relaxed position on your bed. Express your satisfaction and how much it has made you thirsty. Instruct your pet to fetch your glass of water (or wine…the choice is yours) and serve you. Again, if he tries to touch you are pleasure himself, punish him accordingly.

Direction #2: You better not!!

In this direction, you can do a lot of the same as Direction #1. However, it can be changed up to allow you to pleasure your pet by touching him, stroking him or performing oral on him during or in between your own personal pleasure episodes. The difference is you should instruct him that under no circumstance is he allowed to climax during your session without your specific instruction.

In both of these Directions, use your imagination and change them up to fit your wants and needs. These are merely suggestions to get you on the road to Domination of your pet.